Micah Rockandroll has made his bones as a multimedia journeyman for two decades. He's worked for everyone and anyone in New York media and has transmuted these experiences into original work that stands alone in execution and point of view.


Extremely Live | www.extremely.live

Extremely Live is a 24/7 live stream that produces and promotes independent news and entertainment. Original content is released as podcasts and on YouTube. 

Orange Flavor | www.orangeflavor.fun

Orange Flavor is an alt-comedy comics anthology written and drawn by Micah Rockandroll. A mix of self-contained stories, comedy features, and one-page gags—It’s Cartoon Network meets Dan Clowes’s Eightball.

Club Video | www.clubvideo.cool

Club Video is a quarterly video showcase that features short-form experimental comedy from independent creators. Hosted in a converted woodworking studio in industrial Williamsburg, we offer complimentary beer and close the show with a DJ’ed afterparty.